All Security Enforcement Training Shooting Range

About ASET

ASET is a group of prior law enforcement officers dedicated to the highest level of training for our countries security professionals. ASET instructors are BSIS, POST and NRA certified instructors’ with years of experience in the field and the disciplines taught. ASET personnel have been teaching BSIS for 8 colleges up and down the State for over 6 years.

California Dept. Of Consumer Affairs Bureau of Security and Investigative Services

Firearms Training Facility - License TFF 1500, Baton Training Facility - License TFB 1318


Bureau of Security and Investigative Services

BSIS requires initial training of 8 hours for those wishing to become security guards prior to employment. That training will include Powers to Arrest and Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). BSIS then mandates an additional 16 hours of classes 8 hours listed under their mandatory training heading and 8 hours of Elective within thirty days and the final 16 hours of training again 8 Mandatory and 8 Elective within 6 months, for a total of 40 hours of training. BSIS list on their web site, those courses that fall under the above heading. A copy is also available upon request from our office.

BSIS Courses Offered

  • Guard Card License

  • Firearms Permit

  • Baton Permit

  • Chemical Agents OC

  • BSIS Additionally Mandated and Elective courses

  • Plus additional Training to meet yearly mandates.

  • BSIS Firearms Semi Annual Re-qualification.

Furthermore, BSIS mandates all licensed Security Guards must have 8 hours of training  a year in order to retain their Guard Card. Code Section BP 7583.6 (f) (1)

BSIS licensed Security Guards with Exposed Firearms Permit must also qualify twice a year four months apart including a 2 hour refresher course each time, Prior to renewal.

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NRA Pistol Courses

  • NRA Certified Instructors

  • NRA Basic Pistol Course



CPR, AED, and First Aid

ASET is dedicated to ensure you have the training you’ll need in the field, so our instructors are certified by the American Heart Association and American Red cross to instruct and certify CPR, AED and First Aid.

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Schedule of Services & Fees

All Security Guards must have a total of 40 hours of initial training (AB2880, 2004). Initially and prior to working 8 hours to include Powers to Arrest and Weapons of Mass Destruction.  Followed by an additional 16 hours (8 hrs Mandatory, 8 hrs Elective) within 30 days and the remainder of 16 (8 hrs Mandatory, 8 hrs Elective) within 6 months. After that the Security Guard must have 8 hours of training a year (BP7583.6(f) 1/2005).

Powers to Arrest & WMD, 8 hours (Two 4 hour blocks)

(Plus BSIS Application Fee $50. and Live Scan Fees)


Exposed Firearms Permit, 8 hours Classroom +Test

Including 4 to 6 hours Range

(Plus BSIS Application Fee $80 and Live Scan Fees)


Impact Weapons, Baton, 8 hours 

(Plus BSIS certification & permit fee $50.)


Chemical Agents, 4 hours w/exposure

(Includes Certification card)


BSIS Additional Mandated 16 Hours Module II A-D

4 Courses, 4 hours each (Public Relations, Observation & Documentation, Communication and it's Significance, Liability & Legal Aspects.)


CPR, 4 hours


CPR & First Aid, AED, 6 plus hours

(American Heart or Red Cross)


BSIS Handgun re-qualification & refresher course

2 hour Classroom followed by range work, range fee $10 - scheduled monthly.


Security Academy 54 hours meeting all BSIS training mandates


All other mandatory & elective courses listed with BSIS, simply call for pricing,  (760) 241-1199).

All ASET Training is Provided by State, BSIS, NRA, POST, AHA/Red Cross licensed and certified Instructors.